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The new stirrups from Ikonic offer you all-round safety protection that goes hand in hand with comfort and style.

Shock absorbing and adjustable grip system

The stirrups are equipped with a shock absorption system of elastomer springs that reduces the load on the rider. In addition, the height of the six spikes in the tread can be adjusted, providing the rider with additional support and protection.

Stirrup with safety release

Thanks to its detachable arm, the risk of injury is reduced by releasing the foot in the event of a fall.

Resistant materials

Hot forged and threaded to prevent rust and increase the strength and durability of the stirrups. An additional PVC coating makes them more wear resistant.


The stirrups are available in 4 colors – silver, anthracite gray, navy blue and rose gold, and in the size of 12 cm.

You can customize your stirrups by changing the magnetic decoration plate. Included with each pair are 4 different magnetic stickers that can be easily interchanged on the stirrup to add your personal touch.

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