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NAF Superflex liquid for healthy horse joints

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Superflex is a premium joint product. The ideal combination of easily absorbed glucosamine and chondroitin, high quality MSM and the added benefit of a powerful blend of antioxidants. Superflex was specially developed with regard to the heavy toxin load in the joint area. Available size: 1 L | 5L At a feeding of 25 ml per day, 1 L is enough for about 40 days.


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Healthy joints are an important factor for high performance and leisure horses. Any restriction of joint mobility will affect your horse’s well-being and usability. The impressive effectiveness of Superflex is not only due to substances such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. Above all, the ideal composition of these substances is also crucial. This sets SUPERFLEX***** apart from other joint products!

Superflex was developed by veterinarians for joint health, flexibility and structure. Superflex is the ideal combination – a science-based formulation of easily absorbed glucosamine and chondroitin, high quality MSM, and the added benefit of a powerful blend of antioxidants specifically designed to address the heavy toxin load in the joint.

  • For sport horses and older horses
  • For all horses with joint problems
  • To maintain the flexibility of the joints
  • Optimal nutrient supply for joint metabolism

Superflex is marked with five stars. Case studies show that significant improvements can be achieved by using NAF’s so-called “five-star” products. Give your horse the treatment it deserves and feed one of our “five star” products daily.

Horses’ joints sometimes have to withstand extreme forces. Diluted joint fluid and tears in the protective cartilage tissue are usually the first signs of incipient joint wear. Such damage is often not immediately noticeable and worsens over time until eventually the horse is no longer usable. Superflex contains important nutrients in an optimal ratio – developed in more than 25 years of work with horses.

This product in liquid form is particularly easy to feed.

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