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NAF ProFeet Hoof Moist Nature 900g

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Available size: 900g
Natural, intensive water-based hoof ointment to maintain the moisture content in the hoof.


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(23,11 / 1 L)
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Hoof ointment that is deeply absorbed into the horn

PROFEET Hoof Moist is a completely natural water-based hoof cream to maintain the moisture content in the hoof. Hoof Moist is a moisturizer without any added oil or grease that penetrates deep into the hoof without sealing or waterproofing the outer wall of the hoof and disturbing its moisture balance. Hoof Moist helps improve the condition of dry, brittle hooves during the hot summer months and is recommended when using bedding that draws moisture from the hooves. Regular use provides optimal hoof care and gives the hoof a natural, healthy appearance.


  • Moisture for the hoof
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