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NAF ProFeet Liquid (1L) antioxidants for horses

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Available size: 1 liter
Feeding 25ml per day, 1 L is enough for about 40 days.
PROFEET is a highly concentrated and therefore fast acting feed supplement to ensure rapid hoof growth and strong, resistant hoof horn.


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PROFEET***** contains the optimal daily amount of biotin, combined with important micronutrients and targeted antioxidants for long-term and unique protection against cracked and brittle hooves. At the same time PROFEET supports healthy hoof growth.

Impaired liver function can have negative effects on hoof and coat health. Such liver problems can have a wide variety of causes. PROFEET stands out from other hoof products because in addition to common ingredients, it provides special nutrients for the liver. PROFEET thus supports the natural function of the liver. Feed this “five-star” hoof product and help your horse thereby to shiny coat and strong, resistant hooves!

Formulation at the highest, scientific level

Farriers as well as nutritionists have recognized the influence of nutrition on hoof integrity. Targeted and daily nutritional supplementation play a major role in hoof health and growth. NAF PROFEET has been developed over many years in collaboration between the best veterinarians, nutritionists and renowned farriers.

This product in liquid form is particularly easy to feed. Heiklen/mäkeligen horses can be administered the product quite simply with a mouth syringe.

PROFEET is a five-star product. Case studies show that significant improvements can be made by using a NAF five-star product. Give your horse the treatment it deserves and feed one of our “five star” products daily.


  • Support for hoof growth
  • Support for the liver
  • All essential nutrients for healthy hooves in high concentration
  • Particularly high zinc content
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