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NAF Paint it Black hoof paint 250ml

Available size: 250ml
Give the hoof the best look with this highly glossy, fast-drying hoof polish.


15,99 inkl. MwSt

Enthält 20% MwSt
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Lieferzeit: ca. 3-4 Werktage ab Lager


The new hoof paint for long-lasting shine- Paint it Black:

Paint it Black is an easy to use, horse friendly shellac. It can be inhaled without hesitation and is completely harmless to the hooves. This hoof varnish is specially designed for black hooves and does not need to be removed.

Application Tip:
For long lasting shine, apply with the handy brush to dry, clean hooves along the hem band to the hoof wall. Paint It Black contains natural shellac, which does not need to be removed, but will rub off on its own over time.

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