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NAF GastriAid – against hyperacidity of the horse’s stomach

Available size: 1.8 kg | 3.6 kg.

Feeding 60 g per day, a 1.8 kg bucket is enough for about 30 days.

Naturally supports a healthy horse stomach and intact gastric mucosa.

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For all horses that need additional nutritional support for the digestive system. This can be the case due to many trainings and tournaments or for example when changing stables or feed changes. NAF GastriAid is a PREMIUM FORMULA to support all those horses that – for whatever reason – are “stressed”… The high quality ingredients, such as mainly – pre- and probiotics – calcium carbonate – psyllium husks – bentonite support a healthy digestive system that remains healthy and efficient even under a lot of stress.

NAF GastriAid naturally supports an intact digestive system and stomach health. Pre- and probiotics help the healthy intestinal flora. Calcium carbonates support a healthy pH value and thus a vital stomach mucosa or stomach wall . High-quality psyllium husks stimulate digestion and also contribute to a healthy intestinal environment, while bentonite aids efficient digestion and nutrient utilization. To optimally support your horse during and after the tournament, we recommend feeding GastriAid. In addition, make sure that your dog gets a sufficient amount of high-quality roughage, because the chewing activity and the associated salivation of the feed slurry is also essential for sustainable gastrointestinal health.

Feed GastriAid for daily support

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