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NAF Fertility for stallions (1.92 kg)

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Feed this product to support the fertility of stallions
At a feeding rate of 64 grams per day, a 1.92kg bucket will last approximately 30 days.


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Feed this product to support fertility in stallions or to maintain and improve fertility in stallions that work hard, travel extensively or show signs of poor fertility. If your stallion is going into stud, help him maximize his breeding potential with this innovative, five-star nutraceutical formula. Ideally, start feeding about 6 to 8 weeks prior to the breeding season to optimize semen production in time, and continue feeding throughout the breeding season. It contains specific nutrients for mating drive and interest in mares and also targets sperm production, sperm health and maintenance of long lasting sperm production. Good overall sperm motility is another key factor that NAF’s Fertility for Stallions product supports to ensure progressive motility for effective fertilization. The product has been tested in young, inexperienced stallions up to older stallions, in which fertility may decrease due to increasing age, as well as in stallions in which a lack of fertility has already been detected.

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