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NAF Echinacea PLUS Liquid (1L)

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Available size: 1 liter
Feeding 30 ml per day, a 1 liter bottle lasts for about 33 days.


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For a strong immune defense of your horse – Echinacea Plus

Echinacea purpurea, also known as “red coneflower,” is probably the best-known plant for supporting a strong immune system. It’s not just hard-working sport horses that travel regularly that occasionally need a special “extra” bit of support. This applies equally to all those four-legged friends whose defenses are currently increasingly challenged. This is the case, for example, during the change of coat or generally with seniors, foals, young horses or lactating broodmares.

Please note: Not all parts of the coneflower plant bring these positive properties. NAF Echinacea Plus contains only the very best and strongest ingredients of Echinacea purpurea. NAF provides these in the form of a herbal extract that can be absorbed by the organism in the best possible way. This liquid supplement feed therefore provides particularly effective daily support for your horse’s immune system. Scientific studies show that Echinacea not only strengthens immune cells, but also supports the health of red blood cells, which are especially essential for sport horses. NAF Echinacea Plus is particularly suitable for strengthening the defenses in the transition or coat change periods. Also, when horses seem a little tired overall, after vaccinations or in other circumstances that stress the organism, NAF Echinacea Plus can provide great support.

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