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Intestinal booster

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The all-rounder for stomach and intestinal complaints

Supplementary feed for horses

A horse’s gut and digestion react quickly and sensitively to stress. Here we want to give you a good support – both for immediate help, as well as preventive for a longer period. Add together the antimicrobial, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and mobility-enhancing properties of the oils contained, and you have a useful support for your horse’s natural intestinal activity.

In acute cases, Dr. Henle’s Darmbooster quickly helps normalize digestion and enable defecation. It can also be used daily without problems for sensitive horses. Due to the sensibly high-quality, coordinated essential oils, Dr. Henle’s Intestinal Booster ensures calm, natural digestion. This is how you prevent fecal water and other digestive upsets.

Composition: linseed oil, anise oil, caraway oil, fennel oil, cinnamon oil, chamomile oil, lemon balm oil

Package size: 100 ml, 250 ml or 1 liter

Feeding recommendation: 20 ml for a 600kg large horse, single dose;

Urgent need: Repeat input after 20 minutes

Not for pregnant mares, foals from 6 months according to weight (20ml/ 600kg).

Analytical components:
Crude oils and fats 100%.

Waiting time: 48 hours

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