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IKONIC Pro Evolution for show jumping

The IKONIC Pro “Evolution” jumping saddle with semi-low seat offers optimal contact with the horse and guarantees high comfort.
With this saddle, the rider quickly finds a good position and the optimal center of gravity.
The saddle flaps are longer and straighter cut than other jumping saddles and the pommels are slightly larger.
Thanks to the finest doubled calfskin, the saddle offers extra soft saddle flaps, which are reinforced at the bottom to protect against wear.

The IKONIC Pro Evolution jumping saddle is built with a synthetic steel spring tree and independent wool panels. Each cushion is individually filled by hand, if necessary the volume can be adjusted on the horse. The French wool cushion system offers very many advantages in terms of fit for the horses. So there are no annoying seams and pillow trims on the horse’s back. Due to the movable attachment to the saddle tree, a very fast, individual adjustment to the horse’s back takes place.

Wide contact surfaces ensure that the pressure is distributed evenly. A wide spinal canal provides optimal freedom of movement for the spine, and in the shoulder area, a set-back gullet ensures optimal comfort. On the saddle flaps, an additional cut provides very good contact with the horse. In addition, a three-point girth ensures an optimal and secure position of the saddle and prevents pressure points from forming during movement.

With each of our saddles you have the possibility to determine the chamber width by changing the gullet plate. These can be found under the menu item “gullet”, with instructions.

Italian calfskin, doubled

Care instructions:
In order for the leather to retain its natural beauty and elasticity, it must be regularly treated with the right care products, which have a cleaning and moisturizing effect.

Especially before the first use, you should treat your new Ikonic saddle at least twice completely with the IKONIC leather oil. This creates a natural protective barrier that prevents premature aging and excessive wear.

In order not to damage our leathers permanently it is very important to use the right care products. Use our Ikonic Leather Oil, Ikonic Leather Grease and many other care products developed by us.

We recommend not to treat all duplicated saddles with leather oil too much and too often. Our recommendation is to maintain it regularly with Ikonic Cleaning Cream or our Ikonic Glycerin Soap. Too much leather oil can cause the leather to swell, affecting its patina and durability.

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