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IKONIC PRO “EVOLUTION” Dressage Saddle Calfskin Standard Velcro Cheek

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The Ikonic Pro Evolution D04 dressage saddle has been completely redesigned. The saddle tree has been modified to provide the rider with an even better riding position, more balance and therefore even more comfort. The seat is smaller to allow a perfect position of the leg.
The seat is identical to the dressage saddle EvoD01 and EvoD03.

We want to give riders at every level the opportunity to practice their sport, benefiting from a saddle made of high quality material and equipped with the most sophisticated technology. And at a reasonable price.

Another special feature of this Pro Evolution series is that the saddle can be personalized. Pick your favorite color.

The saddle flaps are made of supple leather to provide a good grip, the knee rolls are designed so that they do not interfere with the knee.

The saddle has a Velcro thimble system, so you can attach a thimble of your choice.

The large saddle panels distribute the pressure of the saddle and the weight of the rider. Towards the horse, a 0.5cm layer of latex provides a soft and even contact surface, above which is the wool padding. Which can be changed as desired.

A wide saddle tree opening at the withers avoids any pinching or constriction and gives the horse’s shoulder more freedom of movement.

The saddle is equipped with our new system of interchangeable gullets. This system allows us to adjust the chamber width to your horse, which is essential for a perfect fit.

This new saddle is faithful to the habitual features of the brand.

There’s still our easily replaceable head rail system, padded saddle panels with natural wool for a perfect fit, large panels to distribute pressure, integrated sweat panels to improve lateral contact, wide 3-point girthing that provides weight distribution to position the saddle correctly, and a wide saddle tree opening to avoid any constriction.

Our patented new system of interchangeable gullets allows adjustment of the saddle tree opening without removing the saddle flaps.


Care instructions:
In order for the leather to retain its natural beauty and elasticity, it must be regularly treated with the right care products, which have a cleaning and moisturizing effect.

Especially before the first use, you should treat your new Ikonic saddle at least twice completely with the IKONIC leather oil. This creates a natural protective barrier that prevents premature aging and excessive wear.

In order not to damage our leathers permanently it is very important to use the right care products. Use our Ikonic Leather Oil, Ikonic Leather Grease and many other care products developed by us.

We recommend not to treat all doubled saddles too much and too often with leather oil. Our recommendation is to maintain it regularly with Ikonic Cleaning Cream or our Ikonic Glycerin Soap. Too much leather oil can cause the leather to swell, affecting its patina and durability.

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