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IKONIC Safejump harness is designed for jumping in complete safety. Its completely flat surface secures the rider during the jump. There is no risk of the horse’s foot getting caught in the straps of the girth, the martingale or the breastplate. The absence of a snapper prevents the horse from getting hurt if it bumps into the cleated girth during the jump.

The girth is extended with a tube, at the end of which the breastplate is attached. The attachment point, which is much higher than a conventional girth, not only frees up the lower part of the girth, but also ensures easy attachment. The rounded shape of the tube allows it to fit the horse’s chest and follow its shape. It does not provide support for the horse’s front legs.

At the level of the elastics was placed a leather protector. This “Elastic Guard” system increases the longevity of the harness and prevents it from wearing out too quickly due to the rubbing of the boots.

The retractable D-ring allows for the attachment of pull lines if needed. When not in use, it disappears completely, leaving the surface completely flat.

Matches the IKONIC SafeJump traber breathing plate, reference B103.

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