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The IKONIC Light dressage saddle in the hybrid version is based on the mono blade model (HYBD01), but in the classic version with welded blade. The main difference is the V-strapping, which ensures that the first bridle is automatically in the right place for each horse.

IKONIC Light series is made of natural leather and imitation leather. All saddles have a cowhide leather in the optical (visible) area. All non-visible components are made of imitation leather. We call it the “hybrid version” because we have combined two different raw materials.

This saddle also features the easily replaceable gullet system, as well as the wool filled and padded panels that allow for a perfect fit.

The saddle has a Velcro thimble system, so you can attach a thimble of your choice.

Customize your saddle: In addition, you can color-coordinate the rear forefoot and stirrup loops. Without extra charge.

Technically, this model benefits from our many years of experience with other models. The saddle is suitable for any level.

This new saddle is still true to the usual special effects of the brand.

Care instructions:
To preserve the beauty and suppleness of our natural leather, the saddle must be regularly treated with suitable care products that have a cleaning and moisturizing effect.
Before first use, the leather parts of your new IKONIC-light saddle should be treated at least once with Ikonic leather oil. This nourishes the leather and creates a protective and natural barrier that improves the patina of the leather and avoids excessive wear.

Attention ! In general, the IKONIC light saddle can be maintained like the models with doubled leather. However, since this saddle is partly made of plastic, which can not properly absorb the oil, we recommend not to oil it excessively.

For regular care we recommend cleaning cream or our glycerin soap, because excessive care with oil, even with the supple leather, leads to the fact that the fiber “swells” and the leather thus loses its patina and wear resistance.

The plastic parts of the IKONIC light saddle can be easily cleaned with the same sponge that was used to apply the glycerine soap.

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