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The IKONIC Horseball Saddle with Mono Saddle Blade has a flat seat that allows greater freedom of movement during the game.

With its system of interchangeable gullets, it adapts perfectly to the morphology of your mount throughout its development.
The wide latex and wool cushions can be padded so that their thickness can be optimally adjusted to your horse.

The saddle flaps are pulled forward sufficiently to allow the rider to ride ‘short-legged’ without compromising the position of the knee.
The thimble integrated in the forward part of the saddle flap and the reinforced rear thimble keep the leg in position.

The metal D-buckles integrated into the cushion help to secure the saddle stably and at the same time prevent chafing.

Made from quality European leathers.

A comfortable, technical and indestructible saddle specially designed by an international Horseball rider.


17, 17,5, 18


Saddle blade very wide cut, Saddle blade standard

Kopfeisen Größe:

interchangeable arcade


Black, Dark brown

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