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IKONIC Elite Snaffle by Christian Ahlmann

Discover now the new IKONIC Elite snaffle. Together with one of the best show jumpers in the world, Christian Ahlmann, we have developed a snaffle which offers your horse maximum comfort. IKONIC by Christian Ahlmann.

An anatomically shaped snaffle that reduces pressure points to a minimum.

Wide and anatomical neckpiece
The headpiece relieves the ears and distributes the pressure on the upper part of the head.
A double lining of soft calfskin and foam, with an “empty space” in the middle, allows complete relief of the first cervical vertebrae, ensuring optimal comfort.
As for all snaffle bridles of this series, the cheek straps are directly integrated into the neckpiece, avoiding punctual pressure in the neck.

Anatomical combined noseband
The cheek straps are integrated directly into the noseband via a soft part in “Y” shape.
Prevents pressure and chafing in this very sensitive area for horses. Its shape allows lowering the noseband, as well as placing it in such a way that the zygomatic bone is given free, thus preventing the noseband from sliding too deeply on the sensitive bones of the nose.
The locking strap (chin strap) is integrated and becomes wider at the connections to the noseband. Unlike the classic ratchet strap (chin strap), it starts at the sides and thus relieves the nose; has a more direct action on the horse’s mouth. In addition, which was very important to us, the anatomical noseband allows the horse to breathe better. Since the nostrils are not restricted, as is the case with a classic locking strap.

Vegetable tanned leather
All of our bridles are made from premium Sedgwick vegetable tanned leather.

Processing and sizes
Neckpiece with embossing: “by Christian Ahlmann”.
Sizes: Pony – Cob – Full
Buckles: Inox (silver) – brass (gold)
Colors: Light brown – Dark brown – Black
Reins not included

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