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Experience the version 2 of our Elite jumping saddle. The entire saddle has been further developed. An improved saddle tree brings a völtig new seat feeling. Special leather component on the saddle tree allows the rider to have a very close leg position to the horse.

Test the version 2 of the Elite jumping saddle.

TECHNOLGY – Injection molded saddle tree with interchangeable head iron system

REITER COMFORT – Shock absorption through gel pads in the seat

HORSES COMFORT – Optimal shock absorption during landing after jumping due to gel pads in the area of the head iron

PERFORMANCE – Reinforced saddle flap to keep the rider’s leg in place during jumps.

Production 06/2018 – today

Replaceable gullet system

Like all IKONIC saddles, the ELITE series has a gullet plate that can be easily replaced. Five different gullet widths allow for an optimal fit of the gullet width on different horses. Or even to let the saddle follow the physical development of your horse throughout his life.

  • Injection molded saddle tree
    The ELITE saddle tree is produced by injection molding. This ensures that every saddle tree is manufactured 100% to our specifications. The tree is lightweight and has the necessary flexibility. But it also has the stability to follow the movement of the horse’s back and to distribute the rider’s weight evenly. The shape of the ELITE saddle tree has been improved for an even better and closer position of the rider to the horse.
  • Reinforced saddle flap
    In the rear part of the saddle flap, a special plastic mixture reinforces the bulging of the saddle flap over the jump. This allows a better and straighter position of the rider’s leg. For everyday use, the saddle flap can still be lifted well to reach the girth.
  • Saddle pads with wool-latex combination
    The saddle pads are filled with natural sheep wool and are surrounded by a sophisticated latex layer. Thus, it is possible at any time, if necessary, to pad the cushions differently, so that the saddle comes to the optimal position of the center of gravity. The latex layer in the lower part of the saddle pad provides an even and soft support on the horse’s back. Optimal adaptation to the horse’s back is thus ensured and regular checks and upholstery work can also be completed directly on site.

Care instructions:

In order for the leather to retain its natural beauty and elasticity, it must be regularly treated with the right care products, which have a cleaning and moisturizing effect. Especially before the first use, you should treat your new Ikonic saddle at least twice completely with the IKONIC leather oil. This creates a natural protective barrier that prevents premature aging and excessive wear. In order not to damage our leathers permanently, it is very important to use the right care products. Use our Ikonic Leather Oil, Ikonic Leather Grease and many other care products developed by us.

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