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Dr. Henle’s Tendon & Joint AKUT

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Proven mixture for maintaining the health of the delicate musculoskeletal system of the horse

Supplementary feed for horses

Dr. Henle’s Sehne & Gelenk AKUT maintains the natural function of sensitive joints through our special blend of high-quality herbs and serves to regulate, stabilize and regenerate connective tissue and tendons. Devil’s claw maintains the joint substance and ensures the best metabolism even in irritated joint spaces or heavily stressed tendons. Since the horse’s stomach should be protected even with herbal preparations containing devil’s claw, our product contains acid-binding white clay. This thus helps to build up the natural gastric mucosa. This minimizes the danger that devil’s claw always poses, namely damage to the sensitive horse stomach.

Composition: carrot flour, devil’s claw, collagen hydrolysate, nettle leaves, bolus alba (white clay), soybean oil.
Package size: 750 g, 2.25 kg or 3.75 kg
Feeding recommendation: add 4 scoops (100 ml = 55 g) per day to concentrated feed, mash or muesli (55 g/ 600 kg large horse)
(max. over a period of 8 weeks, then pause for 3 weeks).

Not for pregnant mares, foals from 6 months according to weight (55 g/ 600 kg).

Analytical components: Crude ash: 8.8%, crude protein: 14.1%, crude fat: 4.2%, crude fiber: 10.1%,water content: 6.2%, sodium: 0.13%, phosphorus: 0.25% , calcium: 0.48%.

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