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Dr. Henle’s Skin Repair Summer

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Prevents flaking and nourishes the skin in summer stress

Sweet itch and other allergic events not only take a toll on your horse’s skin, but also on his mood. The annoying itching, the burning pain – all that your horse wants to get rid of as soon as possible. With our care oil you support the natural function of the horse’s skin optimally. Also annoying parasites will infest your horse less under the application of our high-quality mixture. Thus, Dr. Henle’s Skin Repair Summer contributes from many sides to the coat health of your horse even in summer.

Composition: almond oil, cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, lavender oil, clove oil

Content: 100 ml, 300 ml or 500 ml

Application recommendation: 1x per day drop by drop on affected, susceptible areas.

Analytical components: Crude oils and fats: 100%

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