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Dr. Henle’s Skin Repair Dog

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Prevents flaking and supports stressed skin.

Chafing or itching can cause serious distress to your dog. With our skin repair, we have the perfect help with this. Even with attacked paws in winter, (by road salt) our skin repair ensures the best regeneration of the important skin barrier.

With Dr. Henle’s Skin Repair you optimally support the natural function of the dog’s skin. The stressed and sensitive skin barrier is regenerated and strengthened by the positive property of liver trans.

Thus, Dr. Henle’s skin repair contributes from many sides to the skin and coat health of your dog even in summer.

Composition: almond oil, cod liver oil, lavender oil, clove oil

Package size: 80 ml

Application: Apply 2 to 3 per day drop by drop on affected, susceptible areas and massage.

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