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Dr. Henle’s Maukovet Care Combo


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Dr. Henle’s Maukovet Solvent

Removing crusts for a healthy horse skin – without envelopes!

The horse’s skin is sensitive and can be quickly attacked by bacteria. Moisture in particular makes it easier for bacteria to spread and attack the horse’s skin. Feces, urine and ammonia are also favorable factors for germs. Likewise, incorrect feeding can lead to significant skin problems. Many horses react with crust formation to a disturbed balance of the natural skin flora.

Our Maukovet solvent therefore contains urea, which ensures that the ointment base can penetrate the encrusted skin surface, thus dissolving the bark and crusts. At the same time, the ointment base has a disinfecting and cleansing effect. As further prevention and to strengthen the skin immune system, our product contains the tea tree oil.

Maukovet solvent removes crusts extremely reliably, stabilizing the healthy flora of the skin. How to get rid of bark and crusts, without annoying envelopes!

All ingredients are of pharmacy quality. The product should be applied and rubbed into affected areas daily.

Composition: base cream, water, urea, tea tree oil, octenidine.

Package size: 200 ml

Recommendation for use: Apply 1 x daily to affected areas and leave for 10 min. leave to act


Dr. Henle’s Maukovet Care

Maintains elasticity and defense of the horse’s skin

Horse skin irritated by bacteria needs sufficient care to maintain health and especially to reduce germs. Our skin care cream ensures that the affected area is kept dry and provides optimal skin hydration. A healthy skin climate ensures optimal protection against bacteria. Due to the contained zinc paste, our product offers a sealing effect, which optimally strengthens the sensitive horse skin and supports the immune system without allowing too much moisture to reach the skin. An effective disinfecting agent keeps pesky pathogens away!

All ingredients are of pharmacy quality.

Dr. Henle’s Maukovet Care should be applied daily to affected areas.

Composition: Soft zinc paste, chamomile oil, tea tree oil, octenidine.

Package size: 100 ml

Recommendation for use: Apply 1 x daily to affected areas.

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