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Dr. Henle’s Lung Free

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Proven herbal mixture to support the self-cleaning of the lungs

Supplementary feed for horses

Coughing and heavy breathing are signs that make horse owners nervous. Finally, with Dr. Henle’s Lung Free, you have the opportunity to provide your horse with the best possible support in maintaining its health at the first signs.

Dr. Henle’s Equipulmotop supports the natural self-cleaning of the horse’s lungs and thus keeps the respiratory tract fit and continuous. The contained herbs are the best selection for the healthy horse lungs. Whether asthmatic or allergic, Dr. Henle’s Lung Free can always be administered. Because healthy breathing is the basis for performance and fitness. Dr. Henle’s Nostril Oil can be given in combination as a perfect supplement. In this way, you also support your horse’s breathing via the external airways.

Composition: thyme, ribwort, chamomile flowers

Package size: 760g, 2280 g or 3800 g

Feeding recommendation: 1 handful ( 60 g / 600 kg large horse) to 1 liter of water.
as tea in mash gladly warm, or direct submixture to the feeding
with pellets or muesli.
Not for pregnant mares, foals from 6 months according to weight.
(60g/ 600kg)

Analytical components:
Crude protein: 17.8%, crude fiber: 13.7%, crude fat: 4.2%, crude ash: 10.0%,
Water content: 8.7%, phosphorus: 0.34%, calcium: 1.19%, sodium: 0.09%.

Waiting time: 48 hours

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