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Dr. Henle’s Immunstark Acute

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Proven mixture to strengthen the immune system – also during the change of coat and in training phases. Supplementary feed for horses

Our Dr. Henle’s Immunstark Akut maintains your horse’s natural defenses. The herbal ingredients provide stabilization and good functioning of the immune system. Rosehip peels contain a lot of important and healthy vitamin C for an active immune system. Ginger is an absolute classic when it comes to healthy defense and supporting the immune system. Unfortunately, however, ginger can irritate a horse’s sensitive stomach.

The stomach-friendly composition with the alkaline bolus Alba (white clay) keeps the structure of the important gastric mucosa intact. With Dr. Henle’s Immunstark Akut you will get through changeable weather conditions in good health.

Organic to mineral in the right ratio for optimal absorption of selenium.

Composition: carrot flour, rosehip peel, ginger powder, bolus alba (white clay), soybean oil.

Package size: 800 g, 2400 g or 4000 g

Feeding recommendation: 3 scoops (75 ml=50g) per day in concentrate, muesli or mash (50g/600kg large horse).
Not for pregnant mares, foals from 6 months according to weight (50g/ 600kg).

Analytical components:
Crude ash: 8.6% , Crude protein: 7.5% , Crude fat: 4.8% , Crude fiber: 12.2%,
Water content: 6.4% , Sodium: 0.13%, Phosphorus: 0.24%, Calcium: 0.29%.

Additives: Ascorbic acid Vit. C 10g/kg

Waiting time: 48 hours

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