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Dr. Henle’s Head Strong

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The sensible combination of herbs and vitamins for a horse that is ready to perform and has strong nerves

Supplementary feed for horses

A relaxed and calm horse is the basis of joyful and successful riding. Dr. Henle’s Kopfstark supports your horse in its natural composure. It stabilizes the healthy functioning of the central nervous system. Additional organic magnesium contributes to good and relaxed muscle activity. This provides permeability, especially for horses in training – whether in leisure, training or competition. The release of existing tensions also requires a good balanced magnesium level. The high-quality and highly pure B vitamins support the healthy function of the nervous system, especially of young horses or horses in athletic stress situations.

This product is ADMR compliant.

Composition: carrot flour, passion flower, soybean oil
Additives: cyanocobalamin vitamin B 12 0.036g/kg, pyridoxine hydrochloride vitamin B6 0.4 g/kg, magnesium hydrogen citrate 20 g/kg, magnesium content 1.68 g/kg

Analytical components:
Crude fiber: 14.4%, crude protein: 11.8%, crude fat: 6.8%, crude ash: 7.6%.
Water content: 6.0%, calcium: 0.94%, phosphorus: 0.27%, sodium: 0.09%.

Package size: 500 g, 1.5 kg or 2.5 kg

Feeding recommendation: Add 3.5 scoops (100 ml = 50g/ 600kg large horse) per day to mash, concentrate or muesli. In urgent need 7 scoops (200 ml = 100g/600kg large horse). Not for pregnant mares, foals from 6 months according to weight (50g/600kg).

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