NAF Respirator Boost

Available size: 1Liter
Feeding 30ml per day, 1L is enough for about 33 days.
To support lung function – especially in cases of sensitivity to dust, spores, mold and pollen or heavy exposure to these external irritants.


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Includes 13% MwSt reduziert
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NAF RESPIRATOR Boost***** provides a unique blend of antioxidant nutrients to support the horse’s lungs, respiratory tract and mucous membranes. Respirator is recommended for all horses with signs of impaired lung function triggered by fungal spores, pollen and dust. Respirator input is also recommended if your horse is in contact with other horses struggling with respiratory problems.

Respirator by NAF provides valuable micronutrients for lung tissue, the mucosal immune system, and the fine capillary blood vessels that supply lung tissue. This high-quality supplementary feed also contains high concentrations of procyanides with orthophenolic groups; these are particularly potent antioxidants. Respirator is marked with five stars. Case studies show that significant improvements can be achieved by using these so-called “five-star” products. Give your horse the treatment it deserves and feed one of our “five star” products daily.

To support lung function – in case of sensitivity or heavy dust exposure. Recommended for horses sensitive to external air irritants such as dust, spores, mold and pollen.

Composition: forage plant meal (alfalfa), methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), carrots (dried), milk thistle seeds, dextrose, ginkgo leaves, schisandra berries, wheat protein, hawthorn berries, blueberries, rosehip peels, dandelion leaves, turmeric, chlorella (dried), ginger, rosemary, licorice, canola oil. This product in liquid form is particularly easy to feed.

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