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Available package size: 1,4 kg| 2,8kg nAt a feeding rate of 24 g per day, a 1,4kg bucket lasts for about 60 days nIn The Pink Powder is a high-quality complete supplement for a balanced diet with active probiotic yeast that supports the intestinal tract – so that your horse can present itself in top condition.


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Includes 13% MwSt reduziert
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In the Pink Powder is a high quality whole food supplement and also provides micronutrients to support the intestinal flora.


This supplementary feed is not a classic full supplement. In the Pink also ensures that the supplied vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients are optimally utilized. The gut is the cornerstone of your horse’s health and vitality. Today, a horse’s life can often be fraught with tension and/or metabolic stress due to industrially processed feed, frequent travel, and participation in competitions. This can sometimes lead to condition deficits. In the Pink is designed to boost digestive functions and a natural digestive process while meeting your horse’s nutritional needs.


IN THE PINK POWDER is a scientifically based product to fundamentally improve the nutrition of sport and leisure horses.


It is a unique, concentrated supplemental feed that is excellent as a complete supplement because it contains a wide variety of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. In addition, it still contains active yeast and valuable prebiotics. These help your horse to utilize its feed in the best possible way and to maintain an optimal condition. The nutrients contained support health, vitality and performance.


To keep your horse’s condition at a high level, nutritional support is needed. There is something for every need in our range of digestive support products. Whether it’s to maintain optimal condition, to help your horse lose weight, or if it has a sensitive digestive tract, we have the right supplement for you.

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