NAF Electro Salts

Available package size: 1 kg| 4kg nAt a feeding rate of 30 g per day, a 1kg can lasts for about 33 days. n n “Electro Salts” is an electrolyte in powder form and can be added to the feed (by mixing it in) or to the water (by dissolving it).


31,5095,99 inkl. MwSt

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Electro Salts is a high quality electrolyte in powder form.

Electrolytes are needed by your horse when it sweats. Why is that? Horses regulate their body temperature during work or hot weather by sweating. In the process, the horse loses not only fluid but also essential body salts such as sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium. The NAF-Electro products contain exactly these important minerals, as well as dextrose for optimal utilization of these substances. To prevent dehydration, maintain electrolyte balance in the body and ensure rapid (muscle) recovery, you should feed your horse these important body salts – regularly during periods of heat and following hard work. Also in winter, many horses with the thick winter coat sweat particularly heavily. Therefore, make sure that your electrolyte requirements are adequately covered during the cold season.

NAF electrolytes are available in two different dosage forms:

“Electro Salts” is an electrolyte in powder form and can be added to the feed (by mixing in), as well as to the water (by dissolving)!

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