NAF D-Tox 500g antioxidants for horse health

Available size: 500g
Feeding 9g per day, a 500g can lasts for about 55 days.
Effective detoxification cure for your horse – neutralizes excess free radicals, mostly caused by stress or posture. For an optimal immune system of your horse.


44,50 inkl. Tax

Includes 13% MwSt reduziert
(89,00 / 1000 mg)
Delivery Time: approx. 3 - 4 working days
Additional costs (e.g. for customs or taxes) may occur when shipping to non-EU countries.


The detoxification cure for horse

D-Tox is a unique antioxidant complex for maintaining optimal equine health and is especially suitable for detoxifying your horse. Excess free radicals can have a variety of causes, such as footfalls, skin reactions, poor hoof health or impaired lung function, and can accumulate in the body. This overload of toxins has a negative effect on the whole organism. D-Tox contains a unique mixture that flushes out these toxins and thus restores the horse’s natural balance, virtually detoxifying the equine organism. The D-Tox detoxification cure is also the right choice especially for sport horses, as the mentioned toxins can often be accumulated due to work-related stress and frequent traveling.

A compromised immune system affects your horse’s health and performance. In our products, we combine specially selected ingredients such as microorganisms and vital substances, the best herbs from nature, and antioxidant-rich formulations for unique nutritional support of the immune system. The D-Tox detoxification cure is an optimally balanced mixture to flush toxins from the horse’s organism and to rebalance the natural immune defense.

Horse Perfect Tip: We recommend detoxification twice a year. This is especially advisable in spring and autumn.

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