NAF Cooling Wash 500ml

Available size: 500ml
Bodywash from NAF not only removes dirt and sweat after work but also cools and refreshes the stressed muscles


13,50 inkl. Tax

Includes 20% MwSt
Delivery Time: approx. 3 - 4 working days
Additional costs (e.g. for customs or taxes) may occur when shipping to non-EU countries.


The NEW Bodywash from NAF: Cooling Wash

To refresh and cool your horse, wash it with Cooling Wash after training or on hot summer days. You will see, the new wash provides relaxation and is particularly good for stressed muscles. Cooling Wash contains no soaps, detergents or thickeners, making it gentle on skin and hair and easy to use.

Application Tip:
Mix a few filled caps of NAF Cooling Wash with 5 liters of water and wash your horse with it. You can prime the horse beforehand with NAF Show off Shampoo or apply the Bodywash directly to areas of dirt and sweat. Do not rinse the Bodywash afterwards, so that the cooling effect lasts and your horse stays refreshed for a longer time!

Mix with water, wash off horse and your horse is refreshed… it’s that easy!

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