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The IKONIC Soft leather Backpad is made with extra soft full grain leather of the first choice.

Size M (Medium) fits 16.5″ and 17″ saddles, size L (Large) fits 17.5″ and 18″ saddles.

The “memory” foam surrounds and “hugs” the horse’s back when the saddle is girt on the horse and the rider is sitting in the saddle.

The pad does not change the centre of gravity of the saddle due to the open cut in the withers area.

The pad can be coloured to match all Ikonic saddles. The pad is easy to care for, just like your other leather equipment.

Guaranteed to last for years.

Care instructions:

In order for the leather to retain its natural beauty and elasticity, it must be regularly treated with the right care products, which have a cleaning and moisturising effect.

Especially before the first use, you should treat it completely with IKONIC Leather Oil at least twice.

This creates a natural protective barrier that prevents premature ageing and excessive wear.

In order not to damage our leathers permanently, it is very important to use the right care products.

Use our Ikonic Leather Oil, Ikonic Leather Grease and many other care products we have developed.

We recommend not to treat too much and too often with leather oil. Our recommendation is to maintain it regularly with Ikonic Cleaning Cream or our Ikonic Glycerine Soap. Too much leather oil can cause the leather to swell, affecting its patina and lifespan.

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