Dr. Henle's Tendon & Joint Acute

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Proven blend to support tendons, ligaments and joints.

Supplementary feed for dogs

Dr. Henle’s Sehne & Gelenk Akut (Tendon & Joint Acute) maintains the natural function of sensitive joints with its special blend of high-quality herbs and helps to regulate, stabilise and regenerate connective tissue and tendons.

Devil’s claw strengthens the joint substance and ensures the best metabolism even in irritated joints or heavily stressed tendons.

Since the dog’s stomach should also be protected with herbal preparations containing devil’s claw, our product contains acid-binding white clay. This helps to build up the natural stomach lining. This minimises the risk of devil’s claw damaging the stomach lining.

Composition: Carrot flour, devil’s claw, collagen hydrolysate, nettle leaves, bolus alba (white clay), soya oil.

Package size: 200 g

Feeding recommendation: Add 2 g per 10 kg body weight per day to dry or wet food.
1 measuring spoon = 1g

Not for pregnant dogs

Puppies from 12 weeks of age according to weight (2 g per 10 kg body weight).

This product is free from added cereals, artificial sugars and molasses.