Dr. Henle´s Muscle building

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roven mixture for healthy muscle growth and optimal protein metabolism

Supplementary feed for horses

What horse owner does not want an optimally muscled horse? This is where Dr. Henle’s Muscle Builders can help. Due to the exact amount of creatine, the mixture promotes the energy balance and ensures the ideal burning process. As a result, proteins from the feed are metabolised faster and better.

Vitamin D in combination with collagen hydrolysate provides the best possible support for tendons and joints and ensures natural regeneration even during training. Vitamin E is the power vitamin among the fat-soluble vitamins. As a central antioxidant vitamin, it protects the metabolism from excessive stress and keeps you fit even in stressful situations. Precise dosage is particularly important here. With the dosage instructions and the included dosage container, you are well prepared.

Organic to mineral in the right ratio for optimal absorption of selenium.

Carrot flour, creatine, brewer’s yeast, collagen hydrolysate, MSM- methylsulfonylmethane, soya oil.
Package size: 600 g, 1800 g or 3000 g
Feeding recommendation: Add 1 level measuring spoon (30 ml = 20 g) per day to concentrate, mash or muesli (20 g/ 600 kg large horse).
Not for pregnant mares, foals from 6 months of age according to weight (20 g/ 600 kg).

Analytical constituents:
Crude ash: 3,5% , Crude protein: 66,0% , Crude fat: 4,6% , Crude fibre: 6,3% ,Water content: 8,0% , Sodium: 0,09% , Phosphorus: 0,26% , Calcium: 0,16%

Alpha Tocopherol Vit. E 463,9 IU/kg, Selenium content pure 0,0286 g/kg, Colecalciferol Vit. D 52429,6 I.E/kg, Sodium selenite 0,0672 g/kg, Magnesium hydrogen citrate 16,67 g/kg, Magnesium content 1,40 g/kg

Waiting time: 24 hours

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