Dr. Henles Maukovet- Care

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Maintains the elasticity and resistance of the horse’s skin.

Horse skin irritated by bacteria needs sufficient care to keep it healthy and above all to reduce germs. Our care cream ensures that the affected area is kept dry and that the skin is optimally moisturised. A healthy skin climate ensures optimal protection against bacteria. Due to the zinc paste contained, our product offers a sealing effect which optimally strengthens the sensitive horse skin and supports the immune system without allowing too much moisture to reach the skin. An effective, disinfecting active ingredient keeps annoying pathogens away!

All ingredients are of pharmacy quality.

Dr. Henle’s Maukovet Care should be applied daily to affected areas.

Soft zinc paste, camomile oil, tea tree oil, octenidine.

Package size:
100 ml

Recommendation for use:
Apply to affected areas 1 x daily.

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