Dr. Henle´s Fur Fit

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Proven mixture to support lackluster coat and hair loss.

Deficiency symptoms are unfortunately not uncommon in dogs. Especially selenium, but also biotin, zinc and vitamin D can often not be sufficiently absorbed by natural food. This usually manifests itself in dull and brittle fur or dry skin. To maintain your dog’s natural metabolism, we have therefore developed Dr. Henle’s Fellfit.

The combination of ingredients in Dr. Henle’s Fellfit supports the metabolism in your dog’s coat. Thus, Dr. Henle’s Fellfit contributes to optimal natural conditions in your dog’s skin and coat quality.

Stressed paws & claws also benefit from the targeted support from the inside, especially in winter. Thus, your darling shines brilliantly and shows the most beautiful facet of dog existence.

Composition: carrot flour, brewer’s yeast, soybean oil.

Additives: biotin, colecalciferol (vitamin D), zinc sulfate heptahydrate, sodium selenite (34 mg/kg selenium) retinol vit. A, copper sulfate pentahydrate

Package size: 175 g

Feeding recommendation: Add 1.5 g per 10 kg body weight per day in dry or wet food.
1 measuring spoon = 1g

Not for pregnant bitches.

Puppies from 12 weeks of age according to weight (1.5 g per 10 Kg body weight).

This product is free from added cereals, artificial sugars and molasses.

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