Dr. Henle´s Detox forte

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Proven herbal mixture for the maintenance of normal liver and kidney function.

Supplementary feed for horses

This feed supplement supports the natural function of the liver and kidneys.

This enables your horse’s immune system to perform its important task of fighting off and regulating infections, even in times of coat change and allergies.

With Dr. Henle’s Detox forte your horse will be fit and able to cope with the difficult time of the change. The good and natural function of the excreting organs liver and kidney prevents the storage of unwanted substances. Spring cleaning for the immune system – not only in spring.

Composition: Nettle herb, milk thistle fruits

Pack size: 880 g cure pack, 2640 g or 4400g multiple pack

Feeding recommendation: For a 600kg large horse 2 times daily 2 handfuls
(approx. 70g) for 5 days followed by 1 handful (approx. 35g) 2 times daily.
Not for pregnant mares, foals from 6 months according to weight (70g/ 600kg).

Analytical components:
Crude protein: 15.2%, Crude fibre: 28.8% , Crude fat: 10.1% , Crude ash: 10.5%,
Water content: 17,8%, Phosphorus: 0,4%, Calcium 1,48%, Sodium: 0,01%.

Grace period: 48 hours

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