Dr. Henle´s Dailyfit

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Proven mixture for daily administration with vitamins and minerals

Supplementary feed for horses

Deficiency symptoms in horses are becoming more and more common these days.

If important trace elements or vitamins are missing, this can have considerable health consequences for your horse. With Dr. Henle’s Dailyfit, we provide you with an aid that effectively prevents the most common deficiency symptoms. This keeps your four-legged friend fit, active and agile – everything your animal needs in addition to a solid diet.

Composition: Carrot meal, collagen hydrolysate, brewer’s yeast, soya oil

Package size: 400 g + 500 ml linseed oil, 1.2 kg + 1.5 l linseed oil or 2 kg + 2.5 l linseed oil

Feeding recommendation: 1 measuring spoon (25 ml=15g) and 20ml linseed oil (2 measuring caps bottle) per day in mash, concentrated feed or muesli (15g/ 600kg large horse).

Not for pregnant mares, foals from 6 months according to weight (15g/ 600kg).

Monthly pack

Analytical ingredients Powder:
Crude ash: 3.7%, Crude protein: 40.2%, Crude fat: 5.2% , Crude fibre: 6.3%,
water content: 5,6%, sodium: 0,11%, phosphorus: 0,23%, calcium: 0,22%.

Additives powder:
Sodium selenite 0.10 g/kg, selenium content pure 0.0425 g/kg.

Analytical constituents Oil:
Crude oils and fats: 100%

Additives oil:
Colecalciferol Vit. D 62300 I.E/kg, Alpha Tocopherol Vit. E 310 IU/kg

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