Dr. Henle´s Bowel structure plus

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For the targeted development of the intestinal flora and optimal digestion

Supplementary feed for horses

We recommend a combination of targeted build-up of the intestinal flora with highly concentrated lacto and bifidobacteria. Both strains are soaked back by over-acidification and overgrowth of fermenters in the horse’s intestine. These are crucial for the absorption of vitamins as well as for the absorption of important nutrients but also for the important non-specific immune defence in the intestine.

A prescription from the veterinarian is an absolute MUST for the use of Gut Build PLUS, as we clearly exceed the legislation in the feed sector by using high concentrations of colony forming units.

This type of intestinal rebuilding preparation only becomes therapeutically effective in the high concentrations. Therefore, this is only possible with the approval of the veterinarian.

The results with this clearly show that perestalsis and resorption develop positively and thus the stomach is sustainably relieved. In addition, we recommend the protection of the gastric mucosa and the stimulation of the bile in order to support the effects as specifically as possible. Here we work with the classic bitter substances and highly effective flavanoids in combination with secondary plant substances to optimise absorption. Bile and intestine then work together to relieve the stomach. By using bolus alba, i.e. alkaline clay, we gently deacidify without a rebound effect.
The three components together provide optimal support for the digestive system.

For a targeted restoration of the horse’s natural intestinal flora, please contact the Brunnen-Apotheke in Bellenberg. The Brunnen pharmacy in Bellenberg will prepare this individual probiotic cure for you in consultation with your veterinarian.

Composition: psyllium husks, carrot flour, apple pectin, linen extract, brewer’s yeast, whey powder, lucerne + bifido & lactobacteria (in consultation with your vet).

Analytical ingredients: Crude fibre: 12.087%, crude protein: 8.02%, crude fat: 5.64%, crude ash: 3.873%, sodium: 0.11%.

Nutritional additives per kg Digestibility enhancer: Yea Sacc 160 g/ corresponds to Saccharomyces cerevisiae (CBF 493.94) E4a1704 10.8x10high10KBE

Pack size: 600 g + Bifido & Lacto

Feeding recommendation: Add 2 scoops (50ml=30g) per day to concentrate or muesli. (30g/ 600kg large horse)

Prices are available on request from the Brunnen Apotheke in Bellenberg. The starting point is always our “intestinal composition”.

Not for pregnant mares, foals from 6 months according to weight (30g/ 600kg).

This product is free from added cereals, artificial sugars and molasses.

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