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For the rapid replenishment of electrolytes – supplementary feed for horses.

Marstall Electrolytes supplies vital electrolytes after excessive sweating or in case of severe diarrhoea. With marstall Electrolytes you maintain your horse’s performance. To do this, we use magnesium compounds that are quickly available to horses. The pellets are easy to feed when mixed with concentrate or dissolved in water.

For high-performance horses despite heavy sweating and for rapid regeneration after a diarrhoeal illness.

Horses can lose over 30 litres of sweat during heat or heavy exertion such as intensive training. As with diarrhoea, large quantities of electrolytes are flushed out. marstall electrolytes are involved in all cell functions, regulate the water balance of the body and the pH value of the blood and are indispensable for nerve and muscle functions. Therefore, a high loss of electrolytes leads to a sudden drop in performance if the electrolytes are not replaced quickly.

Sodium chloride (29.30 %), glucose (26.90 %), potassium chloride (12.50 %), calcium citrate (12.60 %), sodium bicarbonate (11.80 %), magnesium fumarate (6.60 %).

Analytical constituents and contents as well as energy per kg:
Crude ash 58.30 %; Magnesium 0.70 %; Potassium 6.20 %; Chloride 24.40 %; Calcium 2.50 %; Sodium 14.00 %; Glucose 27.50 %

Package size:
800 g, 2400 g or 4000 g

Feeding recommendation:
In the case of constant sweat loss, e.g. during training phases or in summer
over approx. 2 to 3 months
Small horse/pony approx. 20 g = ~ ¾ ML/day
Thoroughbred approx. 30 g = ~ 1 ¼ ML/day
Warmblood approx. 50 g = ~ 1 ¾ ML/day

In case of high sweat loss, situationally during peak performance or extreme heat.
Small horse/pony approx. 30 g = ~ 1 ¼ ML/day
Thoroughbred approx. 40 g = ~ 1 ¾ ML/day
Warm blood approx. 60 g = ~ 2 ½ ML/day
1 level measuring spoon (ML) = approx. 25 g

Feeding instructions:
Our recommendations generally assume a roughage (hay) content of 1.5 kg per 100 kg live weight and day.
It is generally recommended to seek the advice of a specialist before feeding a dietary supplement.

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